September 20, 2015

5 random facts about me | behind the camera

During sessions I often learn random facts about my clients so I thought it would be fun to share a few about myself! Hope you can laugh along with me at myself and leave this post with a smile!! Here we go….
1. I have spent the majority of my life living on my family farm, even built my home here with my husband. I did venture to a major metropolitan area while I went to college, so yes I have experienced city life, but it surely is not for me! It’s too busy, too noisy, and too dirty! I enjoy a laid-back, peaceful environment. No cars buzzing by, trash not littered everywhere you look, no honking and sirens going at all times of the day and night. I will stick to the country life…pure quietness, fields for days, it’s something about drinking my morning coffee watching the baby deer play while Momma deer keeps watch. Life on the farm is peaceful and I am thankful to raise my children here.

2. I like to be festive and creative!! This comes to mind as I was shopping with a friend yesterday caught myself looking at fall decor (of course my attic has enough to chose from but I still needed to see what’s new this year! LOL) Target and Hobby Lobby seem to get the best of me…they have such cute décor that jumps in my basket as I walk by!! HA!! I enjoy decorating my home for every holiday and celebration!! My table décor, kitchen towels and rugs, wreaths, garden flags…even down to my Scentsy burner smelly…relate to the current months happenings.


3. I am an absolute scaredy cat when it comes to water! Go ahead and laugh! I am totally used to it being my ultimate happy place is the Outer Banks (I can’t say ‘the beach’ because the Banks is way more than ‘just a beach’ to me!) The ocean is so calming and beautiful but don’t ask me to go out past my shins! And yes, I am a good swimmer so that is not the issue. My issue is not being able to see my feet or what is swimming, crawling, or moving around me. If something were to touch me, you can believe I will scream like a little girl and run for my life!! Yes I even crack myself up…that is, after I am safe back on the sand! I will stick to swimming in nice, clear pools!


4. My middle name is Dianne. Often I am asked why the double “N?” My mother, both grandmothers’, and my Godmother’s middle name is Ann! Even neater, my mother-in-law and her mother’s middle name is Ann! Makes my middle name very special to me!! Family traditions are unique ways to keep the connection between generations!

5. What is something that makes me fill with excitement?! All things that are pink and sparkly, glitter and shine!! A girly girl when it comes to color…Pink everything works for me! My laptop cover is pink with a pink keyboard, my camera hand strap is pink, my phone cover is pink…it’s without a doubt easy to say my favorite color is Pink, the brighter and bolder the better!! So you only imagine how happy I am to say we are adding some pink sparkle to our family!! Yes!! you read that right…we are expecting a little princess in March 2016!!

pink glitter copy
And you thought you were only going to learn random facts! Gotcha!! Surprise!! Hope your day is filled with sunshine & smiles!! 💕☀️ 💕😊💕

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