April 16, 2016

Our perfect little princess! We are so blessed you came into our lives. It’s still hard to believe we have 3 children….three…my body has carried 3 beautiful children! Amazes me how much I love holding you in my arms at the same time I miss being pregnant feeling you squirm and kick in my belly. And squirming…girl you are a mover!
Two months…so many new things!

The voice… coos and cries! You can see the lips and excitement building as she wants to “talk” so much then a little coo or squeal will come out and her facial expression is like where did that come from?! She has also decided to start voicing her opinion but only when she hungry or notices Mommie has ventured too far (ahhh, I must admit I LOVE this!!).

Smiles! The warmth of her smiles brighten our world! The early smiles are sweet but when they smile in response to your voice and seeing you, your heart melts! So young and this little person already “knows” you and has an unconditional love for you. Oh my goodness, what have I done to deserve all this from my children, such a priceless gift!

Strong, Chunk of Love! At two months, she is the size of a newborn and still rocking newborn clothes. Those little cheeks are getting some chubbiness to them though! Little rolls on her arms and legs too as she is beginning to fill out. Amazing to be so tiny, yet she’s holding her head up…already becoming more independent, go ahead and insert the tears falling down my face here! Motherhood is the most rewarding part of my life I can’t get enough of…the good along with the not so good…it’s the greatest!

Happy TWO months little princess!

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