June 24, 2016

baby paige | ONE year old!

Oh my gosh…Baby Paige is turning ONE!!! Do we really have to drop the “baby” part?!

This little beauty graced us early…just keeping up with the family preemie tradition 🙂 …at 32 weeks! She was ready to meet her cousin & me, HA! kidding, seriously kidding she was ready to meet her Mommy & Daddy!!   Super fast-forward and now she is turning ONE…I have to keep repeating this because I cant believe how fast time has flown by!

Baby Paige we have watched you grow from a teeny, tiny sleeping beauty to a smiley, silly-face making, food-loving, sweet girl! You certainly keep everyone on point when it comes to food…we laugh now & it makes you so mad but one day you will laugh too when your Mommy tells you the stories. You know Auntie makes all the sweets and goodies baby approved in case you request a taste  🙂  The first picture captures your fun-loving spirit so well!  You are a joy to be around putting a smile on everyone’s face <3

We had so much fun at this cake smash!  Some little ones are not too sure about getting their hands full of cake, but no problem at all for Ms. Paige!  It was more of holding her back because she was in it before we could hardly get the cake in place!  I’m not sure who wore more cake that night, you or your Mommy!  LOL  Oh the memories we will make over the years!!

Wow!! ONE year old!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baby Paige!! We love you sweet girl & are so excited to celebrate with you this weekend!!


Cake ~ Jamie Crowder Lewis


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And…..her response to Mommy saying “No more cake!”  Oh a girl after my own sweet-loving heart…it’s a Scott thing! 🙂paige1blog-23




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