October 11, 2016

it’s fall y’all | my life

Ok so I have had my salty air trips…nothing will ever be enough until I’m living there, but for now I’m not so whats next best?!  Fall in the country!  I love everything fall…cool weather, boots, sweater, jeans, pumpkins, huge colorful mums, and cotton fields!!  What does a country kid ask to do for fun in fall?  We go looking for deer tracks in cotton (he loves looking and I love photographing natures beauty!)  Hunter has an eye for tracks…deer, turkey, bear…he spots them all!  Little sissy even got to see her first cotton field this year but had to be closely monitored as her favorite part was picking cotton!  Thankfully her loving big brother was there to tell her “no ma’am that hurt you sissy!”  It warms my heart we can find so much fun in doing simple activities found right in our backyard!  Doing my best to teach my kids (and myself, who my joking) to live and love a simple life!
ecp-cotton-fieldecp-cotton-field-2ecp-cotton-field-3ecp-cotton-field-4ecp-cotton-field-5ecp-cotton-field-6ecp-cotton-field-7ecp-cotton-field-8ecp-cotton-field-10ecp-cotton-field-9ecp-cotton-field-11ecp-cotton-field-14ecp-cotton-field-15 he was hiding from a passing truck 🙂


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