October 14, 2016

Jessa & aaron | chesterfield, va

Did someone say Hurricane?!  After months of planning, this is not what a couple wants to hear heading into their wedding week.  Jessa & Aaron had a lot of unplanned obstacles come up days before they said “I do!,” I mean who can imagine a hurricane inviting itself to your long awaited wedding day?!  Although the hurricane did turn away from us and thankfully the worst of it didn’t make it to our area, there was still massive amounts of rain!  Certainly not welcome when you are planning an outdoor wedding.  But they made the best of everything!  I have to say I have the greatest clients!  No one was complaining, they accepted what they were facing and moved forward!  Tents went up, sandals traded in for Muck boots, umbrellas a wedding staple…they celebrated their love with their closest family & friends and had a beautiful wedding day!

Congratulations Jessa & Aaron on a beautiful wedding day!!

xoxo Erica 🙂

ps ~ i had to share a few from Jessa’s bridals, she was absolutely stunning!!

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