October 20, 2016

Gretchen | Senior 2017 Portraits | Richmond, VA

I am loving these fall portraits sessions!  Gretchen was sweet enough to come down from Northern VA with her Mom to meet with me! And what an adventure we had!  You always want to find the perfect location for portraits, they give you a glimpse of the person or families personality.  Well…when arrived on location last Sunday, we found a wedding taking place.  Hop in the vehicles on to a nearby location to find out the gates had closed 10 minutes prior to our arrival! Not what we wanted to hear!  So what does one do when two locations fail you….you rock it out in the parking lot and use what is available to you!  Especially when you have this beauty in front of your camera, the scenery doesn’t really matter because all eyes are focused on her!  I couldn’t help myself telling her how beautiful so was like a million times…seriously! she was probably wishing I would hush!  And I also learned ice skating is an investment sport lol…Lordy was I nervous to be touching her skates! Best of Luck and enjoy this last year of high school!!!
xoxo Erica 🙂

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